Paul Ryan ,his time is up


#1) The Omnibus spending bill, created and endorsed by Ryan, funded Obama’s November 2014 Executive Action on Amnesty (DAPA) 100%.

#2)  Paul Ryan was an actual participant in the legislative house construct to pass the Senate’s 2013 ‘amnesty’ Gang-of-Eight bill in June 2014.  Ryan, Cantor and Boehner were only stopped by Cantor’s primary defeat.

#3)  Congress sat on their hands and did NOTHING through 2015 while Judge Andrew Hanen ruled against DAPA (Obama Amnesty) and issued and injunction against DHS from moving forward.   Then, in December of 2015, congress fully funded DAPA.

These are facts.  Irrefutable facts.

This is what you have to remember – Speaker Paul Ryan was against challenging Obama on DACA before he was for challenging Obama on DACA.

What changed?

The death of Antonin Scalia happened in between his unwillingness to challenge, and his new-found willingness to challenge.  Why does that make a difference?  Because it’s going to be easier to LOSE now.

Ryan is merely lining up to create the impression that he’s always been against DAPA, because the most likely outcome in the current ideology is a split 4-4 decision, or an outright loss.

To wit, Ryan will then play the role of saying: “oh well, we tried“, and meanwhile DAPA is fully funded.  Oh how Machiavelli would be so proud.


♦ SCOTUS Agrees to hear DAPA Arugument